Protein Treatment


Hi hair lovers!!

Hair  is made up of a tough protein called ketatin. Our hair needs protein for good structure and for strength. Protein treatments temporarily repairs weakened hair strands.

Protein treatments can be used weekly or monthly depending on the needs of your hair and the type of protein treatment  chosen. There are light and mild protein treatments which can be used weekly to bi-weekly. There are hard protein treatments which can be used monthly or every 6 week’s.

Chemically treated or bleached hair needs more protein than natural hair which is not bleached. My personal feeling will be to use protein treatments bi-weekly due to the manupulation done on my hair, hair canoe weakened by this practice.

Type 4 hair is naturally dry so whenever a protein treatment is done it must be followed by a moisture deep conditioning treatment.

Here are the list of different types of proteins:

Light proteins
– ORS replenish park
– Dark & lovely Ultra Cholesterol


Mild proteins
-ORS Hair mayonnaise
– Organic Hair mayonnaise
– Aphogee keratin 2 minute reconstructor


Hard proteins
– Aphogee 2 step protein treatment
– Joiko K pak deep penetrating reconstructor


What type of protein treatment does your hair loves?


Deep Conditioning Hacks




Hi hair lovers!!!

What can you do for your deep conditioner to work effectively? It is believed that 4c natural hair needs heat when doing your deep conditioning sessions. If you do not have a hooded dryer or any heating equipment, what do you do?

I have two deep conditioning hacks I do to maximise my wash day experience:

  1. I deep condition and place a plastic cap and a beanie and hop on my treadmill for 30 – 45 minutes, two tasks done at once;
  2. If I need to go to town and I cannot wait until I finish with my hair, I put on a hat and do my shopping while the conditioner is doing its work under the hat.



What are your deep conditioning hacks you follow to maximise your wash day experience?